Daniele Culicelli
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Daniele Culicelli was born in 1994 in Alatri. He spent his youth in the restricted and at the same time lively provincial environment, alternating between tradition and history. for a short period of time, he overlooks a first larger reality, Sondrio. A short time later he returned to alatri, completing his studies and he acquires his business degree. When choosing university, Culicelli shifts his attention and curiosity to the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, radically changing his previous higher education path. Once in Venice, he began hi long artistic research experimenting with colors, subjects, materials, always maintaining a verystrong individual coherence that found a definite reflection in his works. Graduated in painting and visual arts at the Venice academy, in 2019 he rrived in Rome. He enrolled to the capitoline academy of fine arts and continued his artistic research, disturbed and inspired at the same time by roman chaos. Disillusioned by the roman academic environment and devoid of an artistically fertile soil for his artistic identity, he abandoned his studies, dedicating himself to free and individualistic experiment until he founded, in 2023, with other colleagues the BIANCOFIORE studio: a group of young artists.

Events at Rome Art Week
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23 Oct 2023 | 18:00-23:00
Daniele Culicelli

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Open Studio
Via salaria 971
Open studio
23-28 Oct 2023
Open studio
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Vernissage Monday 23 Oct 2023 | 17:30-21:30
via Salaria 971
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