Mostra personale di Chiara Gizzi "Tools"

A cura di Martina Raffa



From 20 October to 26 October 2023 Medina Art Gallery presents “Tools”, a solo exhibition by Chiara Gizzi curated by Martina Raffa, in the gallery of Via Angelo Poliziano 4-6 in Rome

The opening event will be held on Friday 20 October 2023 at 6.00 pm

Chiara Gizzi is a multifaceted artist, experimenter of painting, dance and theatre, born in Rome in 1972.
He studied at the artistic high school in via Ripetta and in the same period began working in the field of animation, specifically in the cartoon sector.

Over time she has various work experiences, including interior decorator for commercial establishments, designer of sets for the Rome Opera House, she also works in the pictorial setting for the Ciao Darwin program broadcast on Canale 5 and creates sets for the Cinecittà Studios.

He held several personal artistic exhibitions at the tourist port of Rome, the House of Culture, the Lettere in Viaggio event in Ostia, the Artotek gallery, the headquarters of Potere al Popolo in Val Melaina, Ecrù, Villetta social lab in Garbatella. Furthermore, he also dabbles in live painting at the Roma 70 Village and publishes a work in Le literate magazine.

In recent years she has dedicated herself to painting, creating her own "tools collection" where everyday objects, imbued with their own soul, enter into a relationship with the painter, taking on an emotional and poetic artistic value.

“Tools Collection” represents evocative portraits of places, people, moments and emotions that accompany us in everyday life. They are objects sometimes recovered in the street, photographed and painted as evidence of a human journey.
In creating the works, the artist wants to highlight the effects of light, shadow and luster that are created on the different types of surfaces; so that the surrounding world is reflected on the object itself, creating a narrative within the narrative.

The painter, like a magpie, is struck by what is shiny.


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