Eighth Municipality - RAW2023

Appia antica

Via Benedetto Croce 50 - 00142 Roma

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The Rome VIII Municipality, as a proximity body, manages, in the area under its jurisdiction, several basic services, including: demographic, social, school and educational, cultural, sports and recreational, urban and green areas maintenance, as well as initiatives for economic development and urban police functions. The Municipality represents its community, looks after its interests and promotes its development, inspiring the exercise of its functions and activities with the need for constant improvement of the services rendered to the citizen and easier accessibility of the services themselves, including by surveying the instances of the territory and initiatives for participation and consultation.

Included in its territory are the areas: Ostiense, Valco San Paolo, Garbatella, Navigatori, Tor Marancia, Tre Fontane, Grottaperfetta, Appia Antica Nord, and Appia Antica Sud.

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