Hotel S. Anselmo

Staying at the Aventine is perhaps the secret desire of everyone who visits Rome.
It is one of the most fascinating places in the entire city, and the vestiges of ancient Rome that are countless here acquire fairy-like contours in the evening, by the light of the street lamps.

In Piazza S. Anselmo, in front of the Benedictine church of the same name with convent, stands in all its beauty the Hotel S. Anselmo, a wonderful private villa in pastel colors that since 1960 has been transformed into a charming hotel, where elegance, romantic atmosphere and privacy guarantee an unforgettable stay.

Leaving the hotel and strolling through the quiet streets of the hill, skirting the imposing Benedictine Monastery, one reaches the famous square of the Knights of Malta where one can admire the Dome of St. Peter's through the famous keyhole of the Knights' Priory portal.