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Open Basement

The merged artist's studios of C.Amici, M.Giordano, G.Longo e G.Spernazza.

Open Basement, Fondamenta Gallery, Roma.

The BASEMENT collective presents the new installation created for the Rome Art Week 2020. The artists part of the collective - Chiara Amici, Margherita Giordano, Giovanni Longo and Giulia Spernazza - will merge their studios in a unique exhibition area inside the Fondamenta Gallery, location curated by Inside Art where they have been working for about a year.

This dynamic and inclusive environment will highlight differences and equivalences between the individual researches, bringing the visitors into an  an active dialogue experience with artists between trashed or ongoing projects.


Chiara Amici, Margherita Giordano, Giovanni Longo, Giulia Spernazza.

Fondamenta Gallery via Fraccaroli angolo Via Stefani / M Monti Tiburtini - Roma.
Opening 30 october h18 / 30-31 october 2020