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Reveries & Other Fantasies - Conjured Architectural Escapes

photographic images presenting to the public architectural miniatures


The Cultural Association TRAleVOLTE, hosts a solo exhibition of Giordano Angeletti Italian-American artist. Angeletti was born in Rome, Italy and now resides in Orangeburg, South Carolina where he is an Assistant Professor at South Carolina State University

These photographs set idealized architectural miniatures against southern vernacular architecture. These images refer to ideas of place, belonging, refuge, escape, and fantasy. These spaces are reveries tinged with nostalgia and wistfulness for what never was; illusions that seek and hope to become real. When viewed together, these images form a narrative, an exploration of a space. They present the viewer with inhabited landscapes that are devoid of human figures but full of their traces. These fictional landscapes are anchored to a determined place, they dwell in a recognizable geography, a romanticized American South.


The work presented here uses a reversal of photographic custom where the image represented is not scaled down to fit within the print, but is instead magnified to be larger than life. The miniatures photographed stand in for ordinary objects; they are archetypes that can be recognized at a glance. At first, the images are plausible but something undermines that believability. The objects are easy to read, but something in the details challenges the plausibility of the image.


Giordano Angeletti was born in Rome, Italy and now resides in Orangeburg, South Carolina where he is an Assistant Professor at South Carolina State University. . His education and art practice spans four cultures and three continents. He grew up in the historical center of Rome surrounded by Baroque and Renaissance masterpieces which inspired his love of art and art history. Angeletti started training as a professional photographer at the age of fourteen and continued his studies in London, England. While in London he studied at Central Saint Martins where he combined his technical skills with a passion for theory and conceptual art, completing a B.A. in Critical Fine Art Practice. He went on to earn an M.F.A. in Photography and an M.A. in Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Angeletti’s work has been shown in Italy, the UK, and the United States.




Structures not present in this edition