Marina Sagona

LA NUOVA PESA - center for contemporary art, in collaboration with the Ierimonti Gallery in New York, is pleased to present "Eden", the new project by the artist Marina Sagona.

Through this work, Marina Sagona puts the emphasis on the inversion of values ​​that characterizes the contemporary world: values ​​such as love, friendship, compassion are emptied of their positive role, marginalized to give way to a new feeling. The world has catapulted into a new "state of nature" in which applies the law of the strongest, and establishes a system of absolute freedom that finally becomes anarchy and a state of war.

The works of Marina Sagona continue a discussion started in the previous project, whose theme was women of the Divine Comedy, and pose a number of questions: how would you rate today's society women condemned by Dante?

It means to be damned or saved, in today's world? What is the present day the Eden of the living?

Sagona makes us fall in this world step by step through his paintings, where occurs a reversal of roles: who resided in Heaven is thrown into Hell, and vice versa who was confined in Hell can buy your indulgence and the scalarne group until you get close to God. However, it is in the representation of earthly paradise that is realized the next step: we are not seeing more a reversal, there are no longer two places where to confine and separate from sinners deserving, but everything lives in the same place, everything is confused.

The dividing line between what is right and what is wrong vanishes in this earthly paradise that everything looks all except '' Eden '.

"Sagona is an artist free from conventions, which gives new light to an old form and revitalize our relationship with images and the poem itself".
(Colum McCann for The Comedy of Women).


Marina Sagona was born in Rome in 1967. He moved to New York in 1995, where he began his career as an illustrator, working for several newspapers, including the New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and where he participated in various projects, including a mural commissioned by Disney to Disneyworld in Orlando, and a watch for Swatch brand.

In 2002 after the birth of her daughter, the Sagona work moves away from illustration and evolves into a strong style and narrative, which is close to a more avant-garde art.

Among the various exhibitions of the artist, we remember that of 2007 at the gallery Le Palermo Clouds; in 2008 the Mars Gallery in Rome; in 2009 to 41artecontemporanea of ​​Turin; in 2012 the Generation Gallery in New York; in 2016 to Ierimonti Gallery in New York.