Giancarlo Limoni


Giancarlo Limoni was born in Rome on 25th August 1947.
He began high school specializing in technical studies but then, fifteen years old, saw a painting by Matisse and decided to switch to the fine arts lyceum. A year later he move to the fine arts institute where he was a pupil of Piero Sadun and also came to know Leoncillo Leonardi, Achille Pace, Eliseo Mattiacci, Remo Remotti and Marisa Volpi who at the time were all teaching at the Roman school.

He immediately began to frequent the Roman art world, meeting Ettore Sordini who invited him to work in Milan for a year, and there he met Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi.

In 1967 he became Bonalumi’s assistant, helping in the preparation of the room dedicated to the artist’s work in Foligno at the exhibition “Lo spazio dell’immagine”. From November 1967 to January 1969 he did his military service, just as he finished meeting Marisa Busanel which whom he began an important relationship, and he also began to frequent Giulio Turcato and Emilio Villa. In 1975 he first solo exhibition opened at the Galleria della Trinità in Rome. Parallel to this he spent two years working as director of the Roman gallery Seconda Scala. The next few years marked a period of experimentation. In 1977 he was among the winners of the Premio Termoli and went on to participate in various solo and group exhibitions.

For a brief period from 1983-1984 he had a studio in the Pastificio Cerere building, where Fabio Sargentini saw his work and invited him to participated in the “Extemporanea” exhibition, a moment which marked the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration. From 1984 onwards he exhibited in numerous solo and group shows at Sargentini’s gallery L’Attico. His work was also included in some of the most important exhibitions of the period: "Nuove trame dell'Arte" in Genazzano, "Anni ‘80" in Bologna, "La nuova scuola romana" in Graz, "Trent'anni dell'Attico" in Spoleto, "Capodopera" in Fiesole and "Post-Astrazione" in Milan, “Un musée en voyage : la Collection de la Neue Galerie de Graz 1960-90” at the MAC Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, “1960-‘90 Trenta anni di avanguardie romane” at Palazzo dei Congressi, EUR, Rome, “Raccolta del Disegno Contemporaneo. nuove acquisizioni”, Galleria Civica di Modena, “Arte Contemporanea. Lavori in Corso” Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome.

From 2000 onwards there followed several solo exhibitions in Milan at “ARTE 92” and he began to develop a closer personal, cultural and professional relationship with Francesco Moschini, a friendship which led to a series of exhibitions conceived and designed for A.A.M. Architettura Arte Moderna.

The exhibitions of note over these years included “doppio, triplo, quadruplo”, “D'ailleurs, c'est toujours les autres qui meurent”, “Falsi astratti” and “A perdita d'occhio”, all at L’Attico.

In 1991 he married the architect Carla Salanitro. His work and poetics have been profoundly influenced by the journey he made to India with Aldo Colutto in 1997 and another, to China, with Carlo Laurenti in 2003.
In 2013 he was invited to discuss his work in a talk that formed part of the “Martedì Critici” series at Rome’s Chiostro del Bramante.